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Do not hesitate to browse the FolioWiki, until you feel comfortable to participate. Remember, all information, updates to the 'script' FolioWiki are on the page [Update].

To test editing and formatting in the FolioWiki, simply click on "Edit page" at the bottom of this screen to access this page (and change).

Check out the [Aide] for an overview of all possibilities. You can always return to this page by clicking [Accueil]

We hope that this collaboration around the touch pad TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 may be helpful and make you want to join us and participate in the community around this product in a friendly atmosphere.

Participate! To support your "Folio 100" with your FolioWiki

The FOLIOWIKI be accessed by the address : ou

Let' s go follow the : [Guide]

Info: To interact with the wiki, that is here :

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