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This manipulation creates an EXT partition on the external SD card so you can move the apk to relieve the partition data. This manipulation is mainly used for CyanogenMod Alpha 2.6.39 which do not have a partition A2SD.

Prerequisites :

- external SD card
- MiniTool Partition Wizard
- Link2SD


-Download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard

-Insert the external SD card in the computer

-Open MiniTool Partition Wizard

-First delete the partitions present on the external SD card. Right click and Delete. It will pass under the state unallocated.

-Right click on the SD card, do Create et validate by Yes

-In Create As : choose Primary, in File System : choose FAT32 and in Size and Location : choose the partition size (ex : total = 7680.89 MB, creating a partition de 6680.89 MB)

-validate with OK

-A first cut is made, then make a right click on the unallocated partition (the remainder of the SD card), make Create et validate by Yes

-In Create As : choose Primary, in File System : choose Ext2, EXT3 or EXT4
(So a partition 1 GB)

-Validate with OK

-Then finish by Apply and validate by Yes

The SD card is ready, so we have a FAT32 partition for personnal data and one EXT2 (EXT3 or EXT4 partition for applications.

Creation in video :

-On the Play store, download and install Link2SD

-Open the application and choose EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4


-The new partition will find in Data/sdext2

-Choose an application moved (symbol of an SD card)

-Do create the link

-Validate the items to move and press OK

-The application is now moved to your external SD card

To move applications to the data partition :

-Select the application and validate Remove Link

-Select items to move and press OK

Good to know :

It is possible to prepare EXT partition using this CWM, the thing to know that is formats the partition that in EXT3

-Enter the CWM with the SD card inserted
-Validate Advanced
-Validate Partition SD Card
-Choose the size of the partition to create

-Choose the size of the swap

Creating the partition

without External SD card this function is not run.

-Then use Link2SD.

Different combinations EXT were tested

-reinstall Link2SD
-recreate the script-editing (same as on the external SD)
-Open Menu More
-Validate Re-link the files of the app (possibly Re-link library files)
-Restart the system to recover its applications.

Possibility of including Link2SD directly into the update.

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